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If we are Short of Temper, what is NOT our Friend?

If we are chronically

short of temper

that is NOT

a psychological disorder

but a psychological symptom

of a physiological disorder…

A psychological symptom

of systemic inflammation

and an unhealthy gut microbiome.

If we are short of temper

processed foods

are NOT our friends.

If we wish to be peaceful and resourceful

we must choose whole grains

served like rice

rather than ground into breads or pastas.

If we wish to be peaceful and resourceful

we must choose olives, and seeds, and nuts

served whole

rather than ground into oil.

For any oil

within hours after consumption

will create an epithelial insult

as it inflames the linings of our arteries;

refraining from cooking in oil,

instead, sauté in water,

or poach, or steam,

or bake, or instant-pot.

If we are short of temper

animal products

are NOT our friends

for their consumption,

even if grass feed

and free-range,

is always followed

by inflammation.

Any animal-based dairy product

now has its plant-based counterpart

lower in inflammation

but equivalent in taste.

And salt,

though tasty and addictive

does much more harm than good…

raising both our blood pressure

as well as our hackles.

If we are short of temper

neither caffeine nor refined sugar

will enhance our calm…

whereas fruit:

fresh, and juicy,

and whole, and delicious,

could every sweet tooth satisfy.

If we are short of temper

living in defiance

of our circadian rhythms

will NOT help.

For we evolved mechanisms

that are in sync

with the rising

and setting of the sun…

and our bodies

are their most resilient

when we are early to bed

and early to rise…

and when we breakfast

like a king,

lunch like a prince,

and sup like a pauper…

and when we take brisk walks

and exert ourselves daily

in exercise:

safe and sustainable.

If we are short of temper

we must grow mindful of our triggers

unencumbered by self-condemnation

or defensiveness…

and recognize our triggers,

that we might avoid them

when we can,

and when we can NOT

avoid them

and can feel our aggression


excuse ourselves

and perform

walking meditation…

marrying the silent,

and mental recitations

of “This...” and “yes!

with every inhalation

and every exhalation,


And dance with them

as they spontaneously

make their presence felt…

as they summersault

across the stage

of our mind…

during our formal

seated meditations

performed every morning

and every evening.

For neither our relationships

nor our blood vessels

can endure our rage.

And none of us wishes

to drive away our loved ones

no less suffer from stroke

or heart attack.

Come, let us train

in the Buddha’s

Contemplation and Compassion

that we, like Yoda,

might Meditate

like a Jedi.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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