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Accountability, Debauchery, and Meditation - 16dec22

The toughest thing about mastering meditation is making a habit of it. Fortunately neuroscience can offer some clues. We are wired for debauchery, and hedonism, and if we do NOT find a pleasurable way to meditate then there is NO way of making a habit of it without causing our neurosis to multiply (like bunnies in the springtime).

Why do we drink, eat, sleep, and make love? Because they’re pleasurable. There are meditation methods that are fun, interesting, and delightful. The ONLY methods that work are the ones you use. So find teachers whose contemplative techniques are a pleasure; no, not ones that promise bliss maybe, someday, if you eat your vegetables and say your prayers, but the ones that work now, this week, every time you use them.

We are living in the age of smartphones so invest in audio books extoling the benefits of meditation. Listening to them last thing before bed and first thing in the morning (while you are pooping, flossing, brushing, and shaving or putting on makeup) will increase the likely hood of you meditating BEFORE you leave for work. Listening to them on the way home from work will increase the probability of you practicing BEFORE you have dinner.

Look for reasons why you can’t practice and you will always find them, and relying on accountability will only associate meditation with pain which will absolutely NOT help you, unless you have a humiliation kink (then knock yourself out).

Only hedonism will cut through the time-mismanagement, inertia, fear, skepticism, and laziness holding you back. Perhaps that is why the Buddha taught of contemplative energy, bliss, and joy. Harness this pleasure principal and you too could meditate like a Jedi.

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