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"Mindfulness - vulnerable, passive, and non-conceptual,
Wisdom - relaxing, releasing, and flowing,
Compassion - centered, spontaneous, and uncontrived:
fulfillment is at hand - joyful and at ease. "






Teacher, Guide, Friend

My life’s work has been reverse-engineering Tibetan Tantra in an effort to free Buddhism from the minions of orthodoxy, the fundamentalists of patriarchy; and place this powerfully transformative spiritual technology in the hands of everyday folks, like you and me. 

"The Buddha's Contemplation,

Compassion, and Meditation"

is the spiritual practice

I have been in search for 

my entire life.


I am so happy

to have found it.

And I am elated 

to share it with you.

The quest for enlightenment

need not be mystical

cryptic or even pious


but simply as pragmatic as resolving:

I would like to be less of a dick-head,


I would like to be less stressed,

I would like to be less cranky, and contrived,

and rigid, and frightened.


I would like to be happy, and loving and peaceful,

and resourceful and creative,

I would like to be the person

my dog already thinks I am. 



 to Meditate Like a Jedi

an outreach of the Buddha Joy Meditation School 501(c)(3), where Buddhist and Taoist, philosophy and meditation are taught, from a distinctly geeky perspective.

Burbank, CA

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