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The Benefits of a Wandering Mind

Fear not the wandering of your mind, for its travels are integral to healing and enlightenment. Although we read how our primal drives of dread and desire could undermine our peace, it is a far different thing to extricate ourselves from their influence. Perhaps that is why the Buddha taught contemplation, mindfulness, and meditation.

Petty aversions and attachments are easily released by mindfulness and meditation’s silent recitation of, “Notice this…” and “relaxing!” during our respective inhalations and exhalations. But what of the hidden things, subtle and unremembered? Fortunately our mind, like a truffle pig, can uproot memories and fantasies: dark, and hidden, and long forgotten.

Although these dark things, unearthed, could spin us into turmoil, contemplation’s rhetorical question, “This and that… how not two?” could make short work of them and soon have us meditating like a Jedi.

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Let us conclude

with a simple

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