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Padme's Fault? - 24oct22

Some members of our Star Wars fandom ask whether the fault of Anakin’s fall to the dark side could be set before the feed of Senator Padmé Amidala. To which I answer “No, not at all.”

Consider these three:

FIRST - Anakin possessed a wealth of midichlorians that surpassed that of Palpatine or Yoda.

SECOND - therapists agree that Anakin’s behaviors present as Borderline Personality Disorder, and young Skywalker simply did not receive sufficient (if any) counseling.

THIRD – at the time of his reunion with Padmé (in “Attack of the Clones”) Anakin had yet to complete his training as a Jedi knight.

In view of this it is possible love-struck Anakin inadvertently used the mind trick to impel Padme to fall in love with him. Oh, if only Skywalker’s psycho-therapeutic needs had been met!

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