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Insults, Flow-state, and Meditation

Most of us don’t have eidetic recall, until it comes to insults and the hurt they inflict. Our brain replays them time and again, often with subtle variations, like a jazz standard in a smoky club. Let’s conclude with a means of skillfully responding from the flow state to the trolls we encounter, but begin with helpful ways of letting go.

Contemplation is a great tool in preparation for meditation or if you only want to spend a few minuets dealing with the painful memory of an insult. I am rather partial to the Buddha’s twenty-four contemplations. Today let’s play with the first set of four, which explores love and kindness; for our personal pain could act as a shoehorn, granting us greater empathy for all beings wounded by words.

There is no need to visualize, rationalize, or emote. All we do is recite these contemplations, silently and mentally, in harmony with our inhalation, observation, exhalation, and relaxation:

(1) “NON-violence/ for all minds,”

(2) “NON-violence/ for all speech,”

(3) “NON-violence/ for all deeds,”

(4) “NON-violence/ for all trade.”

Four rounds of each contemplation could suffice. If you have time, you could (as the Tibetans say) “Rest the mind” in meditation upon “Notice this/ relaxing!

Practice this sitting or walking for twenty, forty, or sixty minuets and you could receive a very helpful fringe benefit.

If we think of the two toxic extremes of being controlling or scattered as two adjacent mountains, then centered spontaneity could be likened to the stream that meanders between them. The more we make a habit of allowing our choices, utterances, and deeds to flow from that place the better we could dance with the Sith lords in our life.

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Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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