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Harnessing Turmoil's Energy - 12oct22

Turmoil could be stressful, and have many sources such as: chronic fatigue syndrome, pain issues, sleep issues, anxiety, ADHD, DPDR and other disassociation disorders. Sadly there are many people who (with the best of intentions) give terrible advice such as the teaching to actively focus upon one’s breath to the exclusion of all else.

Not only could that undermine mindfulness (passive, vulnerable, visceral, and random) but it could exacerbate stress and thus intensify all the underlying disorders. Rather than striving to ignore our turmoil (like the myth of the Ostridge burying its head in the sand) we could harness it as engineers now harness the sun, wind, and tide.

Through the use of rhetorical questions we could harness the momentum of our turmoil to fuel our contemplations of: compassion, interdependence, impermanence, and not-self. After five minutes or so, when you’re feeling a little fatigued you could rest the mind in such a way as to treat one’s autonomic nervous system as your therapist.

But like a monster in a “B” movie our turmoil will not be out for the count. After five or ten minutes it could rear its head. When that happens lather, rinse, and repeat with more contemplation and meditation.

REMEMBER: the Buddha’s techniques are only meant to be an adjunct to qualified medical care, not a substitute. So get to the free PCRM website and scour their database to find a plant based physician to help address all your symptoms as well as their causes, that you too could meditate like a Jedi.

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