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Depression and Physical Meditation 27mar23

Although I love meditation it is NOT a panacea. If you feel your life is being turned upside down by the symptoms of depression make your way to and find an M.D. who’s practice of psychiatry is informed by the latest peer-reviewed studies exploring nutrition and depression; for the role played by systemic inflammation and gut dysbiosis is undeniable.

While NOT a cure-all, meditation could be an excellent adjunct. In previous posts I have written about seated meditation and its walking counterpart. Let’s play with geriatric, step-back, squat thrusts for aging fitness freaks (for my psoriatic arthritis has made Tibetan style Buddha-bowing a no no).

FIRST find a Buddha image; either a drawing, a sculpture, or even an image on your computer monitor.

SECOND stand about one to two meters before it, in as wide a stance as you can.

THIRD squat down, placing your palms upon the floor, somewhat rounding your back as you gaze between your arms, toward your feet.

FOURTH jump (or step) back into a plank pose.

FIFTH use your core muscles to lift your tush in the air. Yogis call this downward facing dog.

SIXTH return to plank and then jump (or step) forward, returning to the squat.

SEVENTH jump (or stand) up.

Have fun with this. Doing this in the fresh air, with sunshine on as much of your skin (as weather and local ordinances allow) could be a delightful way to savor warmth, breathing, exertion, and endorphins. _/\_

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