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Count Dooku's Taunts

We could recall the duel

in “Attack of the Clones

between Count Dooku

and Obi Wan Kenobi;

observing the delight

with which Count Dooku

taunted him…

There are those

practiced in the art

of denying the benefit

of the doubt.

Who delight in misunderstanding,

jumping to the wrong conclusion

thinking the worst of someone

and then denigrating them.

No, their problem lies not

in a lack of data

nor a lack of comprehension

rather, their problem is rooted

in their predisposition.

For their self-esteem

is rooted so deeply

in petty-ones-up-man-ship

and in demeaning others,

and in dominating others,

and in, by inference,

praising themselves

that all reason departs

and they simply cannot

help themselves.

They are to be pitied

for their condition is the result

of a great net of causes and conditions

mostly out of their control.

And like the carrier

of a virulent plague

who although is not worthy

of our malice

is still quite dangerous

and from whom we must keep our distance

lest they sicken us

and then we, in turn, infect others as well.

These cunning fools

with razor tongues

and scornful hearts

are plentiful

and unavoidable.

Recall again “Attack of the Clones

wherein we saw

the violence of Dooku’s

attack upon Yoda;

aged and diminutive.

When confronted with an assailant

larger and more youthful than himself

grand master Yoda

used circular movements and evasions

well timed and subtle

to side step the onslaught

Count Dooku’s numerous attacks.

In the midst of peril

most real and certain

Yoda was mired

neither by the contrivance of over analysis

nor by the scatteredness of fear nor aggression.

Grand master Yoda

not only survived the treachery and violence

of count Dooku

but managed to protect

Anakin and Obi Wan as well.

No, we might not be nine hundred years old

nor less then a meter in height

yet each of us are vulnerable

in our own way.

How then are we to safely swim

the waters of humanity

when they teem with predators

clever and cruel.

We could use the Buddha’s trainings

of contemplation and compassion

to deepen our centered spontaneity

that we, like Yoda,

might Meditate like a Jedi.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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