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Buddha, Jewels, and Protection

If you are frightened and feel yourself drawn toward superstition, magick, and protection there are many who could help you out, some even claim to be Buddhist. They might seduce you with tales of wish-fulfilling jewels that, like Aladdin’s lamp, promise to fulfill your dreams of avarice. But if you have grown weary of forever fleeing scarcity, pain, and scorn, as well as obscurity and long, instead, for peace that is quite a different matter.

There are so many who take pleasure in befuddling our practice of the eight-fold path, and muddying the waters of even knowing what the goal of the path is. In light of this it is only natural to seek shelter from such influences. But what is the hook upon which to hang our proverbial hat?

Might I suggest the example set by the BUDDHA (be he real or archetypical), the DHARMA (which is merely the Buddha’s instructions), and the SANGHA (those who enthusiastically study and practice his teachings).

There are those, intoxicated with elitism, who delight making of Buddhist refuge a mysterious thing, full of rituals, and mysteries, and fees. But that’s just greasy kid stuff, for refuge is merely an issue of intention. Notice the enthusiasm to follow the Buddha, apply the Dharma, and rely upon the Sangha; for it already dwells within your heart. Notice these things, give them free rein, and let go. And, to paraphrase Obi Wan Kenobi, you’ll take your first steps into a much larger world.

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